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Creating Gift Certificates

A gift certificate also referred to as the gift card or a gift voucher. It refers to that piece of paper that is equal to a certain amount of money. The gift certificate template is therefore given to an individual by a bank to be used in payment of goods that are worth the amount of money that is equal to the gift card. The gift card can also be used in payment of school fees. Upon issuance of the gift card by the bank or retailer, one is given a PIN code which is only known to the user. The pin code is always a prot6ection from theft or use by other people without the owner’s consent. The pin code also expires upon expiry of the gift certificate and can be renewed once the card is renewed.

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Creating Award Certificate

An award certificate is a document issued as a reward for good work done or accomplishment. After good school performance everyone feels good to be award with a certificate as an appreciation for hard work. The award certificate template is used to show the achievement and the grades attained by the individual. When one is looking for a job in a certain field, this award certificate is given as prove that one specialized in that field and the grade attained is also indicated. In addition to this the award certificate is a sign that one passed all the tests given and is therefore well equipped to work in that field. The award certificate also indicates the school where the degree or diploma program was done. Each country has different rules on the stages at which the certificates can be issued; some issue the award certificate at the secondary school levels while others issue them after one has undergone higher education.

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Before knowing best ways to enable and disable cookies on Firefox let you know what these cookies are. Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s system. These are designed to hold modest information to a particular client and a website such as site preferences or login status etc. Here you will find very useful tips to enable or disable these cookies on Firefox.

Basically cookies are enabled by default in Firefox and these tips will help you to check your settings:

  • View at the top of Firefox window and click on the Tools Menu, and select Options.
  • Go in the Privacy Panel.
  • Set Firefox to use customs settings for history:

  • To enable cookies from sites, check the Accept Third Party Cookies and uncheck this option to disable them.

Using Firefox, you will find another option to choose that how long these cookies are allowed to keep stored. This option will include:

  • Keep the Cookies Until they Expire: Under this option each cookie will be removed with it will reach its expiration date. This expiry date is set by the site sending the cookies.
  • Keep the Cookies Until I Close Firefox: Under this option, the cookies that are stored on your computer will be removed when you will close the Firefox.
  • Ask me Every Time to Keep Cookies: Under this option, you will see an alert displayed every time when a website will try to send a cookie to your system and will ask you whether to store this cookie or not.
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How to Terminate my Yahoo Account?

Deleting yahoo account can negatively affect one’s data completeness, integrity and email identity. Here are some useful tips to delete or terminate your yahoo account and minimize negative effects on your data. It is very important issue and users should be very careful in this regard. Follow the instructions given below.

Know following points before you terminate your account:

  • People can send you emails till 90 days after you terminate your yahoo account.
  • By terminating your account, you will delete all data associated with your account including emails, contact details, group memberships and photos etc.
  • You will also loose all other yahoo services like yahoo messenger ID etc.
  • You will not be able to recreate your account once you have deleted/terminated it.
  • Once you delete your account, any other person can create same account as that of yours.
  • If you have subscribed additional services, you are advised to delete these subscriptions before account termination.

Account Termination Tips

To delete your account you need to go through these steps:

  • Login to your yahoo account which you want to delete and look for the mails you don’t want to delete with your account.
  • To save these mails, you can send them to another account.
  • Scan your list of contacts and send them to your other account.
  • Navigate to the termination page and click the terminate option. Your account will be deleted/ terminated. You will see the following option to click the termination account option:

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Many times it happens when you delete the items from your inbox that you need later on. You don’t need to be worried anymore after reading this post. It is pretty easy to recover deleted items from your inbox and move them back to your inbox. Here are some useful and easy tips to recover deleted items back into inbox:

  • Launch your email account regardless of it is Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Mail etc.
  • Search the Deleted Items Option on the left side of the interface. Usually this deleted item folder looks like a trash bin. It is placed among other standard folders like inbox, sent items etc.
  • Click the deleted item folder and search the deleted item that you want to move back to your inbox.
  • You can move that item to your inbox by a left click on the item and dragging it to inbox. It will appear in the inbox again.
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Internet Safety Tips

Internet is a great source to get information on any issue. Different search engines are there offering huge amount of information on any topic. People can shop for products, meet new people and rediscover new old acquaintances. Lots of problems always wait for internet users who don’t follow internet safety measures. You are taking real benefits of internet if you make sure that your computer and personal information are safe from criminals and hackers.

Here are some techniques that you must be aware of and using when you are online.


Make it sure that you have put on all firewalls when you are online. Many computer operating systems have customizable internet firewalls. Some anti-virus software vendors also offer firewall software that can be used to enhance computer protection.

Personal Information

Always make it sure that you are entering your personal information only on secured websites. It is a common hint to ensure that the website is secured or not. For this purpose see the website address, if it starts from “http” then it is non-secured but if the website address starts with “https” then it is secure website. Avoid giving your personal information to email lists whether they are secured or not because some companies sale personal information of users to other companies. Avoid giving your personal information like your home address or phone number etc on social networking websites.

Public Computers

Never login to your sensitive personal accounts on public computers at libraries or offices. Computers can capture this information then hackers can easily steal your login information.


It is very effective internet safety tip. You must change password of your accounts once a month regardless of frequency with which you use your account. Change the password patterns every time so that hackers could not figure out new passwords.


If you need to go off of your internet for an extended period then make sure to log your computer off your internet connection. It’s a big mistake to leave your computer on an internet port hackers can find your computer and hack your personal information.

Top 5 Internet Search Engines

To get what you need on internet is very difficult. Search engines in 2010 make sorting through the huge huge amount of information easier than ever before. You can make search using different search engines. Here is information about five free search engines. These search engines include:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask
  • AOL Search


Google is a giant search engine on internet. According to current report it has occupied 64.4% market share. With search engine dominance, Google has also expanded itself in different areas including advertising, email, media sharing and different other web applications. People love to browse on internet using Google as a search engine. Its link is


Bing search is also liked by people and it is included in top five internet search engines. It is the second most popular search engine. Users can use this search engine to search web pages, media, shopping results and locations. It can also be used to perform scholarly searches in finding reference materials. Its link is


Yahoo is one of the top five free internet search engines and occupies 11.8% of the searches in US. This search engine was originally established in 1994. It operates as a web portal to news, internet trends and other yahoo services. It has started popular photo sharing and also has a downloadable toolbar for internet browsers. Its link is


The fourth most popular search engine is Originally it was launched as Ask Jeeves but later on in 2005, company renamed this search engine as Its specialty is that it allows its users to directly ask questions. Its home page uses “Question of the Day”. Ask.Com solely serves as a search engine and doesn’t support other functions like emails, media sharing or other web applications. Its link is

AOL Search

This search engines comes on fifth number when you talk about top five free search engines. It has very less share of total online searches performed. It was launched in 1995. This search engine now incorporates Google technology but still operates as a separate service. Its link is

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Guide to Facebook Friends List

Many people use Facebook as a platform for friendships. Here is a guide for people new to this friendship platform/social networking website. Here you will understand proper use of friends list on Facebook. Very few people take advantage of list of friends but this feature is very useful. It is used to separate various social or affiliation friendship groups from each other. For instance work contacts, friends contacts, family contacts and contact details of close friends can be saved in different categories on Facebook.

Basic purpose of Facebook friend’s list is to group different contacts and set custom profiles. Facebook friend list can be viewed from two different places that are home page and friend page. By default Facebook applies network to all contacts as friends. If you want you can create your own lists. It is good to make use of friends list on Facebook.

New homepage of Facebook allows users to efficiently manage their contacts. By the new homepage of Facebook it is very easy to find out the friends who have changed or updated their profiles. All profile changes can be viewed directly from homepage without going to friends pages. Friend’s page can be now viewed from seven views that include:

  • Friend Recommendation
  • Search
  • Browse by network
  • Browse in alphabetical order
  • Phonebook
  • Recent friends
  • Friends list filters.
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Through Facebook chat, you send instant messages to your online contacts on Facebook list. I guess you may also find it annoying to see the chat bar in the very bottom of the page like me. Secondly, when you leave the page to work o some other application online, you do not get any update or alerts for new instant messages. For the solution to this problem, you can add the Facebook chat box on the side bar of Firefox while you are working with other applications.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Bookmarks tab and look for the Organize Bookmarks option.
  2. It will open the Bookmark Manager window. Click on the New Bookmark tab.
  3. Enter the data in the text boxes as Facebook Chat in Name and in Location text box.
  4. Check the box Load this bookmark in the sidebar and click OK button.

You have successfully added the Facebook Chat in the bookmarks list. Now to open the chat in sidebar:

5.   Click on the View tab and look for Sidebar -> Bookmarks.

It will open the Facebook Chat in the sidebar of Firefox window. You can directly start chatting with friends within Firefox while working with other online applications.

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Facebook, shortly known as FB, is one of the major social networking sites that make people connected with each other from around the world. If you are also one of the Facebook users on regular or occasional basis, you may be already aware of the regular stuff of the site. But along with those regular actions, there are more tips and tricks that a Facebook user must be familiar with and they will love trying it. I will describe those tips one by one in my posts.

When you have so many active contacts on Facebook, obviously you cannot make justice with all at a time. Then you may look for some option to hide from some of those contacts and keep available to your dear ones.

Here you can find description how to make invisible from some of your Facebook contacts while staying online to others.

When you Go Online, you see sliders (colored dots) on the right side of the Chat window. Choose any contacts or list that you want to make invisible from and click on the slider available against each id. It will turn into black and make you invisible from that contact.

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