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Internet Explorer is capable to show you the images and documents which you have once visited on internet. It shows the previously visited paged in HTML view even if you are not currently connected with internet. It helps you access your data quickly and approach the accidently closed pages. You can do it following a […]

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Disk clean up is necessary to make some space free on your hard disk. It speeds up your computer and improves the performance and functionality of your system. It helps to maintain your computer efficiency and prevents you bothering while you work. You can perform disk clean up performing the following steps: Remove your windows […]

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You can apply any formatting to your text and conversations on Yahoo Chat through using the formatting tools. You can personalize the font for all conversation windows. But these changes appear only your Yahoo contacts, not the other network contacts of your list. Here are the steps how you can personalize the conversations you make […]

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Are you tired of cable bills for TV? Your computer running with Windows 7 can serve you like TV now. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows on your computer online and record it to see it again and again. You can search any program of your choice quickly through the available search option which […]

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To enable the ActiveX settings in Internet Explorer, you need to follow the following simple steps: 1.   When you are in Internet Explorer, open the Tools tab. You can also open Network and Internet Connections from the Control Panel. 2.   Choose Internet Options. 3.   Choose Security tab from Internet Properties wizard. 4.   Find the Custom […]

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When you have your Windows XP Setup completed, it asks you to register the software to activate. Windows XP uses software based product activation technology. Here you can learn the steps how to activate Windows XP: There are three ways of registering Windows XP: Using Internet Using Modem By Phone to customer Service of Windows […]

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People use different selection tools which they feel appropriate depending upon their image file type. Lasso tool is used to select area which you define by dragging the selected Lasso tool. Magic wand is used to select colors where it clicks. Marquee tool is also used to select area in a specified shape, either a […]

Windows XP offers four power management options available. These options help you scheduling the task of power management the way you want. These options are: Stand By: This option helps you to quickly start your windows when you press a power key on the keyboard. It can safely resume your windows to shutdown and bring […]

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To open the MS Word 2007 files in older versions, you need the MS Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 installed and updated. If you have compatibility Pack, you are able to open, edit, make changes and save changes If you are in the document which you need to convert in other (older) versions (i.e. 2003): […]

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Charts are added in documents to explain the data information more comprehensively and clearly. Adding charts is Excel 2007 worksheet is quite easy and fun. Insert Ribbon provides the options to create chart using different styles. You can choose any style which is appropriately fit to the type of your data to make best presentation […]

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