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Here I am going to mention a trick for parents who complaint that their children spend too much time on internet with games and other activities instead of studies. They may be looking for the ways how to block specific sites making their children unauthorized to see those sites. This tip is also equally helpful […]

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While printing a webpage, you may or may not be willing to print the background color and effects on your print page. Sometimes you need a blank colored text-only print but sometimes you need to take a print including all background effects. By default, Internet Explorer has the setting Print background colors and images disabled. […]

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Almost all of us use MS Word in our daily work on computer to perform different tasks. Some of us are very expert for it and other may not be very skilled to use MS Word for all of its features. Like MS Word 2007, all versions of MS Word also offer to add audio […]

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MS Word 2007 documents settings are on letter-sized paper for printing by default. Though it is appropriate for most of the documents you print but not for all kind of documents. Your needs may differ for some specific purpose for which you can make a little changing in settings. Follow the steps to change paper […]

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Here I am going to reveal an easy trick to make your computer work 200% faster than before. It is simple to perform through Registry Editor and you don’t need to go to some hardware expert. Click Start menu and Run button, then type regedit in text box. Registry Editor is displayed. Navigate through HKEY_CURRENT_USER […]

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MS Word 2007 offers a lot of shortkeys and tricks to perform a specific task using multiple simple ways for the convenience of users. You can perform an action by using menu option, ribbon bar, toolbar, shortcut menu (available on right-click) or keyboard shortkeys. This is the significant difference that MS 2007 version holds over […]

It may be making you hare up when you are the middle of a movie and windows screen saver interrupts to hide the visualization. I am sure you will also not like this like me when you eagerly stare at the screen what is going to happen next and screen saver interrupts again. You may […]

Shortkeys are of significant important for everything you do on computer and whatever is the application. Shortkeys help you perform the desired action without removing hands from your keyboard and holding the mouse. Also it speeds up your performance. Here you can find some shortkeys of Mozilla FireFox that you may not know before. Using […]

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It annoys me when I want to complete my work on web faster with quick response from my web browser, but it keeps on working slowly. Sometimes it becomes nuisance when I have a lot of work pending only because of my slow web browser. I found a trick to make my FireFox web browser […]

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When you see your Yahoo contacts continuously offline, it makes you annoyed when you have been waiting for them anxiously. Sometimes they are really offline but sometimes not. They may be sitting invisible from you because they are busy with something/someone else or they are angry with you. You can easily detect who is online, […]

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