MS Word 2007 offers a lot of shortkeys and tricks to perform a specific task using multiple simple ways for the convenience of users. You can perform an action by using menu option, ribbon bar, toolbar, shortcut menu (available on right-click) or keyboard shortkeys. This is the significant difference that MS 2007 version holds over the older versions. Here you can find complete list of MS Word 2007 keyboard shortkeys. Most of these keys are common to all MS Word versions.

Ctrl + A – To selects all documents in current file/folder, or select all text in current document

Ctrl + B – To make the font Bold

Ctrl + C – To Copy text or item to clipboard

Ctrl + D – To display Font dialogue box

Ctrl + E – To perform Centre Alignment for selected text

Ctrl + F – To perform Find & Replace action on text within document

Ctrl + G – To display Go To dialogue box to go to a specific location in document

Ctrl + H – To display the Find & Replace dialogue box

Ctrl + I – to make the selected text Italic

Ctrl + J – To make the selected text/document in full Justification

Ctrl + K – To create Hyperlink in the document

Ctrl + L – To apply Left Alignment on selected text/document

Ctrl + M – To perform the Tab action

Ctrl + N – To create a New document

Ctrl + O – To Open the existing file from local drives

Ctrl + P – To display the Print dialogue box

Ctrl + R – To apply Right Alignment on selected text/document

Ctrl + S – To Save/Save As current file/document

Ctrl + U – To Underline the selected text

Ctrl + V – To Paste the text/item that was Cut/Copied before

Ctrl + X – To Cut the selected text/item

Ctrl + Y – To Redo last performed action

Ctrl + Z – To Undo last performed action

Ctrl + Enter – To insert a Page Break

Ctrl + F1 – To quickly hide the toolbar and ribbon bar of current document

Ctrl + F2 – To display the Print Preview

Ctrl + F4 – To close the active document window only

Ctrl + F6 – To make the next document window active

F1 – To get Word Help or open the Office Assistant

F2 – To move selected text/item to new location

F3 – To insert Auto Text entry

F4 – To repeat the last action

F5 – Another shortcut to Find & Replace dialogue box

F6 – To go to next frame or pane quickly

F7 – To launch and apply the Spelling & Grammar check

F8 – To extend the current selection in both sides

F9 – To update the selected fields

F10 – To activate menu bar

F11 – To go to the next field

F12 – another shortcut to Save As a file/document

Shift + F1 – To open context sensitive help

Shift + F2 – To copy text/item to the new location quickly

Shift + F3 – To change the case of selected text

Shift + F4 – Another shortcut to perform Find and Go To action

Shift + F5 – To move to previous revision

Shift + F6 – To go to previous frame or pane

Shift + F7 – To launch Thesaurus

Shift + F8 – To shrink the current selection of text

Shift + F9 – To switch between a field code and its result

Shift + F10 – To display shortcut menu (similar to right-click)

Shift + F11 – To go to previous field

Shift + F12 – To Save document