It is easy and fun to track someone’s IP address through which he is connected to you. This hacking trick can be of many uses. There are three easy ways to get someone’s IP information on your screen.

Method 1:

In case your contact has Hotmail account, it is more easier to track his IP.

  1. When you are sending him an email, complete your desired message and subject you want.
  2. Click in the address text box. Type the complete address followed by, i.e.
  3. You will receive an email in your account attached with his IP address right at the moment when he opens the email.

Method 2:

  1. When you are online at some IM program, simply send him a file or attachment, no matter it is an image file.
  2. Keep the cmd command prompt window ready.
  3. While you are sending file, type netstate-n in command prompt.
  4. You will get a list of IP addresses of all person to which you are connected currently. One of those will surely belong to him. (It can be figured out clearly if you check the IP list before and after sending the file to him.)

Method 3:

In case you have a firewall, of course it will show you the IP of an attacker to your firewall.

  1. Type cmd in Run window.
  2. Then type ipconfig in command prompt to get your IP address.
  3. Form your IP as a link, i.e.
  4. Send this link to the person you want to get IP of via IM program.
  5. When the person will click on the link, your firewall will send you an alert message showing you his IP.

These tricks are effective in many other ways and they are safe to apply. But don’t utilize these tricks in some illegal activity.