YouTube is one of the hottest video sharing website which you use for viewing, saving and sharing videos. It is one the largest video collection platform where you can find video for all purpose and variety. You will surely like to save video that you liked best. YouTube offers several tools and ways to view, save and share the videos just by a single click.

Here you can find some useful tools for your convenience to save YouTube videos:

  • DeluTube: Using this tool, you can also view the deleted YouTube videos on the website.
  • Video Downloader: Using this tool, you can download videos from YouTube and other video-sharing websites. It is a FireFox extension that helps you to save videos on your computer.
  • YouTubeX: Using this tool, you can easily download videos from YouTube simple using your IE or FireFox web browsers.
  • TubeSock: This tool is helpful to take videos from YouTube and copy them to your portable multimedia devices such as iPod, Mac or PlayStation Portable.
  • VideoDL: This tool also assists to download videos from YouTube online. It is a quick Ajex application and also supports two other top video-sharing websites, Google Video and Break.Com.
  • YouTube Grabber: This tool is helpful in downloading FLV files from YouTube and it is free tool that can be utilized for this purpose.
  • YouRipper: This is another tool to download videos from YouTube and Google Video websites. It is also free tool of video downloading.

Other than the tools, you can simple pick the URL of video to save the video in your blog or anywhere you want. You can locate it in URL bar of the page. Simple copy and paste the URL in your desired location and it will download it automatically.