Facebook, shortly known as FB, is one of the major social networking sites that make people connected with each other from around the world. If you are also one of the Facebook users on regular or occasional basis, you may be already aware of the regular stuff of the site. But along with those regular actions, there are more tips and tricks that a Facebook user must be familiar with and they will love trying it. I will describe those tips one by one in my posts.

When you have so many active contacts on Facebook, obviously you cannot make justice with all at a time. Then you may look for some option to hide from some of those contacts and keep available to your dear ones.

Here you can find description how to make invisible from some of your Facebook contacts while staying online to others.

When you Go Online, you see sliders (colored dots) on the right side of the Chat window. Choose any contacts or list that you want to make invisible from and click on the slider available against each id. It will turn into black and make you invisible from that contact.