Before knowing best ways to enable and disable cookies on Firefox let you know what these cookies are. Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s system. These are designed to hold modest information to a particular client and a website such as site preferences or login status etc. Here you will find very useful tips to enable or disable these cookies on Firefox.

Basically cookies are enabled by default in Firefox and these tips will help you to check your settings:

  • View at the top of Firefox window and click on the Tools Menu, and select Options.
  • Go in the Privacy Panel.
  • Set Firefox to use customs settings for history:

  • To enable cookies from sites, check the Accept Third Party Cookies and uncheck this option to disable them.

Using Firefox, you will find another option to choose that how long these cookies are allowed to keep stored. This option will include:

  • Keep the Cookies Until they Expire: Under this option each cookie will be removed with it will reach its expiration date. This expiry date is set by the site sending the cookies.
  • Keep the Cookies Until I Close Firefox: Under this option, the cookies that are stored on your computer will be removed when you will close the Firefox.
  • Ask me Every Time to Keep Cookies: Under this option, you will see an alert displayed every time when a website will try to send a cookie to your system and will ask you whether to store this cookie or not.