Deleting yahoo account can negatively affect one’s data completeness, integrity and email identity. Here are some useful tips to delete or terminate your yahoo account and minimize negative effects on your data. It is very important issue and users should be very careful in this regard. Follow the instructions given below.

Know following points before you terminate your account:

  • People can send you emails till 90 days after you terminate your yahoo account.
  • By terminating your account, you will delete all data associated with your account including emails, contact details, group memberships and photos etc.
  • You will also loose all other yahoo services like yahoo messenger ID etc.
  • You will not be able to recreate your account once you have deleted/terminated it.
  • Once you delete your account, any other person can create same account as that of yours.
  • If you have subscribed additional services, you are advised to delete these subscriptions before account termination.

Account Termination Tips

To delete your account you need to go through these steps:

  • Login to your yahoo account which you want to delete and look for the mails you don’t want to delete with your account.
  • To save these mails, you can send them to another account.
  • Scan your list of contacts and send them to your other account.
  • Navigate to the termination page and click the terminate option. Your account will be deleted/ terminated. You will see the following option to click the termination account option: