Internet is a great source to get information on any issue. Different search engines are there offering huge amount of information on any topic. People can shop for products, meet new people and rediscover new old acquaintances. Lots of problems always wait for internet users who don’t follow internet safety measures. You are taking real benefits of internet if you make sure that your computer and personal information are safe from criminals and hackers.

Here are some techniques that you must be aware of and using when you are online.


Make it sure that you have put on all firewalls when you are online. Many computer operating systems have customizable internet firewalls. Some anti-virus software vendors also offer firewall software that can be used to enhance computer protection.

Personal Information

Always make it sure that you are entering your personal information only on secured websites. It is a common hint to ensure that the website is secured or not. For this purpose see the website address, if it starts from “http” then it is non-secured but if the website address starts with “https” then it is secure website. Avoid giving your personal information to email lists whether they are secured or not because some companies sale personal information of users to other companies. Avoid giving your personal information like your home address or phone number etc on social networking websites.

Public Computers

Never login to your sensitive personal accounts on public computers at libraries or offices. Computers can capture this information then hackers can easily steal your login information.


It is very effective internet safety tip. You must change password of your accounts once a month regardless of frequency with which you use your account. Change the password patterns every time so that hackers could not figure out new passwords.


If you need to go off of your internet for an extended period then make sure to log your computer off your internet connection. It’s a big mistake to leave your computer on an internet port hackers can find your computer and hack your personal information.