To get what you need on internet is very difficult. Search engines in 2010 make sorting through the huge huge amount of information easier than ever before. You can make search using different search engines. Here is information about five free search engines. These search engines include:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Ask
  • AOL Search


Google is a giant search engine on internet. According to current report it has occupied 64.4% market share. With search engine dominance, Google has also expanded itself in different areas including advertising, email, media sharing and different other web applications. People love to browse on internet using Google as a search engine. Its link is


Bing search is also liked by people and it is included in top five internet search engines. It is the second most popular search engine. Users can use this search engine to search web pages, media, shopping results and locations. It can also be used to perform scholarly searches in finding reference materials. Its link is


Yahoo is one of the top five free internet search engines and occupies 11.8% of the searches in US. This search engine was originally established in 1994. It operates as a web portal to news, internet trends and other yahoo services. It has started popular photo sharing and also has a downloadable toolbar for internet browsers. Its link is


The fourth most popular search engine is Originally it was launched as Ask Jeeves but later on in 2005, company renamed this search engine as Its specialty is that it allows its users to directly ask questions. Its home page uses “Question of the Day”. Ask.Com solely serves as a search engine and doesn’t support other functions like emails, media sharing or other web applications. Its link is

AOL Search

This search engines comes on fifth number when you talk about top five free search engines. It has very less share of total online searches performed. It was launched in 1995. This search engine now incorporates Google technology but still operates as a separate service. Its link is