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TeamViewer is a brilliant team-work tool that is used to access PC of a friend or working team living at any corner of the world. This software tool assists you to access and share the files and documents across different PCs. You can either give full or customized access to the team sharing your PC […]

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Thousands of programs, files and documents are available for download on internet. Sometimes it happens that the downloaded contents from hard disk become corrupt either after installation or during the installation process. Here is a correct method to restore the corrupted downloaded files from your hard disk easily. Using this method, your file will be […]

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Mouse Cleaning Tips

A dirty mouse with a mouse ball can create problems in smooth working. It can cause the mouse to difficult to move and unwanted movements as well. Here are some cleaning tips to clean your mouse and get your mouse working. First of all remove the bottom cover of the mouse. Rotate the mouse cover […]

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Confidentiality is the most important issue in any business. Many people use USBs to carry their personal and secret files with them in USBs. It can create troubles if they fail to protect their USB. Any person who gets the USB can misuse important business documents just by plugging USB in their computer. It is […]

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Apply System & Window Password

You can adopt different security measures to maintain privacy of your data. Here you will learn to apply password to system and to window respectively. System Password Procedure To apply system password follow this procedure. Go in the system setup. When you start your computer, you will see option of system setup. Follow the instructions […]

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Choose a Strong Computer Password

Computer users should apply system password, folder password of file password to secure personal or business data. But applying password is not enough with security perspective as hackers are also there to hack passwords and stole your important data. To save your data from hackers,  you should choose a strong password hack. Here are some […]

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Task Switching Feature

This feature serves as virtual desktop manager. When this feature is activated it works by generating thumb nails of all you open programs with a single click or by using a keystroke. You just need to make sure that the feature is selected. To activate this feature, you need to Prefs menu/search Fields Tab/Utility menu […]

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YouTube is one of the hottest video sharing website which you use for viewing, saving and sharing videos. It is one the largest video collection platform where you can find video for all purpose and variety. You will surely like to save video that you liked best. YouTube offers several tools and ways to view, […]

Instead of using different messengers for friends added on different Instant Messengers, its time to get them all in one place. You can find all your contacts in a single messenger, no matter they use Yahoo Messenger, MSN Live Messenger, Google Talk, Skype or any other IM service. There are many IM services which offer […]

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You must have used BUZZ Feature of Yahoo Messenger during chat with your friends. It is usually used to get attention of the chat contact. When BUZZ Button is clicked, it generates a loud sound that attracts the attention of a person at once. Some people make BUZZ again and again that makes the chatter […]

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