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Mouse Cleaning Tips

A dirty mouse with a mouse ball can create problems in smooth working. It can cause the mouse to difficult to move and unwanted movements as well. Here are some cleaning tips to clean your mouse and get your mouse working. First of all remove the bottom cover of the mouse. Rotate the mouse cover […]

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How to Use Fax Machine?

Fax machine is a business and office tool that is used to send copies of documents via phone lines anywhere in the world. Faxing is an efficient way to quickly send documents. It is the most preferred method to send signed documents. It needs the other end to have a fax machine or computer. Faxing […]

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Wireless connectivity took a new meaning with invention of Bluetooth technology. It does not restrict geographically and supports hassle-free mobility. Here are some tips on printing using Bluetooth enabled printers. Using a Bluetooth adapter, anyone can change printer into Bluetooth enabled printer. To use a Bluetooth enables printer, you need to keep some basic points […]

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Proper Use of Printer

Many people use printers but very few use printers properly. Rough use of printer can affect the functioning of printer as well as wastage of ink. Here are some useful tips for all printer users to use their printers properly: First of all make it sure that your printer head is in proper position. You […]

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Guide to Buy Best Printer

When it comes the time to buy your own printer, you need to purchase the printer that will best suit your printing needs. The question may arise that how to find best printer for you? Here are some useful tips that you will need to follow while purchasing a new and best printer for you: […]

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During work, when you suddenly get struck with some mouse issue and it drops working, you can use mouse features right from your keyboard to continue and complete your task. It is as easy and simple as you perform with your real mouse. It makes your performance convenient and enhances your computer skill. To enable […]

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When you have large documents and you need to print a little area of text from those documents, sometimes it you print a lot of junk pages just to take print of a little area text. It does not only consume extra printer ink, energy and pages but also wastes your precious time. To get […]

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To keep your laptop working appropriately, you must keep cleaning it on regular basis. If you keep your laptop keys and trachpad neat, it will give you more faster responses by taking prompt actions on your commands. Here you can see a video how to keep your laptop clean. You can apply this way to […]

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Mouse Shortcuts

To make more ease and comfort for your work on computer, you should adopt the habit of using shortcuts. It does not only save your time and efforts but also enhance your computer skills. You can find some of the general mouse shortcuts on your computer: Left Click, Hold and Drag – It selects the […]

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