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Before knowing best ways to enable and disable cookies on Firefox let you know what these cookies are. Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s system. These are designed to hold modest information to a particular client and a website such as site preferences or login status etc. Here you will find […]

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Many times it happens when you delete the items from your inbox that you need later on. You don’t need to be worried anymore after reading this post. It is pretty easy to recover deleted items from your inbox and move them back to your inbox. Here are some useful and easy tips to recover […]

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Internet Safety Tips

Internet is a great source to get information on any issue. Different search engines are there offering huge amount of information on any topic. People can shop for products, meet new people and rediscover new old acquaintances. Lots of problems always wait for internet users who don’t follow internet safety measures. You are taking real […]

Top 5 Internet Search Engines

To get what you need on internet is very difficult. Search engines in 2010 make sorting through the huge huge amount of information easier than ever before. You can make search using different search engines. Here is information about five free search engines. These search engines include: Google Bing Yahoo Ask AOL Search Google Google […]

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Guide to Facebook Friends List

Many people use Facebook as a platform for friendships. Here is a guide for people new to this friendship platform/social networking website. Here you will understand proper use of friends list on Facebook. Very few people take advantage of list of friends but this feature is very useful. It is used to separate various social […]

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Through Facebook chat, you send instant messages to your online contacts on Facebook list. I guess you may also find it annoying to see the chat bar in the very bottom of the page like me. Secondly, when you leave the page to work o some other application online, you do not get any update […]

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Facebook, shortly known as FB, is one of the major social networking sites that make people connected with each other from around the world. If you are also one of the Facebook users on regular or occasional basis, you may be already aware of the regular stuff of the site. But along with those regular […]

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How to Access Restricted Sites?

Blocking and restriction of some undesirable sites have been in common policy with some countries over the internet. You can access the sites that are set restricted on your server or internet. For instance, Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that greater censorship against the sites about sex, religion, politics, health, women, pop culture […]

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A wide range of account on internet demands username and password to register. Websites may range from social networking to online banking all require username and password. This username or password is necessary to access personal profile and account information. Many people want to change their password for security purposes and it can be done […]

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YouTube is one of the hottest video sharing website which you use for viewing, saving and sharing videos. It is one the largest video collection platform where you can find video for all purpose and variety. You will surely like to save video that you liked best. YouTube offers several tools and ways to view, […]