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Creating Gift Certificates

A gift certificate also referred to as the gift card or a gift voucher. It refers to that piece of paper that is equal to a certain amount of money. The gift certificate template is therefore given to an individual by a bank to be used in payment of goods that are worth the amount […]

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Creating Award Certificate

An award certificate is a document issued as a reward for good work done or accomplishment. After good school performance everyone feels good to be award with a certificate as an appreciation for hard work. The award certificate template is used to show the achievement and the grades attained by the individual. When one is […]

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A very important and necessary template to have in one’s life is no other than a grocery list template to print out grocery lists when you require having some. What is good about a grocery list printable template is this. They can help to make some wonderful grocery lists to assist whenever you go shopping […]

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Manage work with Project to do list

When you need to create a list of all of the tasks that your business needs to complete, things can sometimes get overwhelming. A to do list template can help you work this issue out, by providing you with a simple way to track the progress of all of your tasks. The project to do […]

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Charts in Word 2007

Charts are great way to present data and information in more easily understandable form. Work in academic papers or business writings usually need to display data in charts. If you also want to include a chart in your document then follow the set of instructions given below: It is very easy to create charts in […]

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Almost all of us use MS Word in our daily work on computer to perform different tasks. Some of us are very expert for it and other may not be very skilled to use MS Word for all of its features. Like MS Word 2007, all versions of MS Word also offer to add audio […]

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MS Word 2007 documents settings are on letter-sized paper for printing by default. Though it is appropriate for most of the documents you print but not for all kind of documents. Your needs may differ for some specific purpose for which you can make a little changing in settings. Follow the steps to change paper […]

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MS Word 2007 offers a lot of shortkeys and tricks to perform a specific task using multiple simple ways for the convenience of users. You can perform an action by using menu option, ribbon bar, toolbar, shortcut menu (available on right-click) or keyboard shortkeys. This is the significant difference that MS 2007 version holds over […]

You can customize background of your text document while working with MS Word 2007. It helps you to make the document attractive and background effects allow communication through the documents. You can use it for different purposes. To add different backgrounds in your MS Word document, see the following tips. Solid Color Background: Open the […]

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To open the MS Word 2007 files in older versions, you need the MS Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 installed and updated. If you have compatibility Pack, you are able to open, edit, make changes and save changes If you are in the document which you need to convert in other (older) versions (i.e. 2003): […]

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