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When you have large documents and you need to print a little area of text from those documents, sometimes it you print a lot of junk pages just to take print of a little area text. It does not only consume extra printer ink, energy and pages but also wastes your precious time. To get […]

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When you have large number of files that are designed in different application and located at different drives of your computer, it becomes a trouble to take print of all. In such situation, you need to go to different locations to find the files and due to different applications it may take more time. This […]

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You can install two or more printers on your computer at a time. Follow these steps to install new printer on your system: Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Printer and Other Hardware -> Printers and Faxes. Click on Add a printer option appearing on top left corner of window. It will open […]

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While printing a webpage, you may or may not be willing to print the background color and effects on your print page. Sometimes you need a blank colored text-only print but sometimes you need to take a print including all background effects. By default, Internet Explorer has the setting Print background colors and images disabled. […]

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