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Mozilla launched their latest version of FireFox in the start of 2010. Now the latest update for Mozilla is FireFox 3.6 beta 5 version. People who are still continuing with the old version should update their FireFox web browser with the latest update of 3.6 beta 5. Latest version of FireFox supports some older features […]

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You can make shortcut for your favorite site even if you are not connected with internet. You can make these shortcuts using notepad and save it in any location. These shortcuts provide you easy access to your favorite sites and open them in the web browser that is set as default for your web-based applications. […]

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Using Registry Editor settings, you can change any text on the title bar of your Internet Explorer window. You can edit even funny text or your name. you can also perform it on your friend’s computer to make a prank and make him surprised for his/her Internet Explorer title bar. Steps to change the tile […]

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Shortkeys are of significant important for everything you do on computer and whatever is the application. Shortkeys help you perform the desired action without removing hands from your keyboard and holding the mouse. Also it speeds up your performance. Here you can find some shortkeys of Mozilla FireFox that you may not know before. Using […]

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It annoys me when I want to complete my work on web faster with quick response from my web browser, but it keeps on working slowly. Sometimes it becomes nuisance when I have a lot of work pending only because of my slow web browser. I found a trick to make my FireFox web browser […]

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By setting a web page as your homepage helps you to quickly brows the web on your desired page. Internet Explorer 7 is more useful in this way. It allows you to make multiple homepages simultaneously. It is a great advantage when you want to save time while working with web applications. To make multiple […]

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Internet Explorer is capable to show you the images and documents which you have once visited on internet. It shows the previously visited paged in HTML view even if you are not currently connected with internet. It helps you access your data quickly and approach the accidently closed pages. You can do it following a […]

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Mozilla FireFox is one of the most frequently used web browser world wide. People love to work through FireFox as it provides more security and advanced features. With the launching of FireFox 3.6 beta 5, it has become more favorite to the users who mostly work with web applications. Here is a guideline for your […]

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When I brows web, sometimes I find the web which I want to visit again. For this I bookmark the web page or in other words I add the page to my favorite list so that I can reach that page instantly without typing its URL. Though I can’t make more than one page my […]

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