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If you are using dial-up connection or modem, you must have noticed the default setting that it makes your phone engaged when you are using internet. If you enable the call-waiting option, it makes you disconnected when you receive call. If the call-waiting is disabled, the caller will find the phone busy when he calls […]

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During work, when you suddenly get struck with some mouse issue and it drops working, you can use mouse features right from your keyboard to continue and complete your task. It is as easy and simple as you perform with your real mouse. It makes your performance convenient and enhances your computer skill. To enable […]

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Usually when you share your computer with different users, there is always a risk of personal data security. Normally you go with a choice to shift data on a removable drive like CD or USB stick, but you are helpless if your data is more than 100 GB in size. Then no removable drive or […]

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When you get large size of data on your hard drive that you can not delete, you want to keep it preserved to access it for future needs. Similarly when you want to send a large number and size of files and document to a business client, customer or friend, it becomes irritant to upload […]

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Using shortkeys can make your performance much more faster and it also enhances your computer skills. Here you can find some hot keys for Windows XP. Most of these keyboard shortkeys are common to other applications and windows but some of them are specific. F2 – Renames a selected file/folder F3 – Searches for a […]

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You can install two or more printers on your computer at a time. Follow these steps to install new printer on your system: Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Printer and Other Hardware -> Printers and Faxes. Click on Add a printer option appearing on top left corner of window. It will open […]

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You can make you mouse cursor single-click for all action you perform on your computer including web links and desktop items. By following some simple steps you can turn the double-click setting of your mouse into single-click for all operations; no matter you want to open a folder, switch to other application or anything. To […]

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It is s fun trick that you can perform on your computer. It changes the interface of your computer screen when you set the icons transparent. You can make your desktop icons transparent by following these steps: Click on Start menu button. Select Control Panel. (Set your option to display in Category View, for this click Switch to […]

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Using Registry Editor settings, you can change any text on the title bar of your Internet Explorer window. You can edit even funny text or your name. you can also perform it on your friend’s computer to make a prank and make him surprised for his/her Internet Explorer title bar. Steps to change the tile […]

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Here I am going to mention a trick for parents who complaint that their children spend too much time on internet with games and other activities instead of studies. They may be looking for the ways how to block specific sites making their children unauthorized to see those sites. This tip is also equally helpful […]

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