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How to Terminate my Yahoo Account?

Deleting yahoo account can negatively affect one’s data completeness, integrity and email identity. Here are some useful tips to delete or terminate your yahoo account and minimize negative effects on your data. It is very important issue and users should be very careful in this regard. Follow the instructions given below. Know following points before […]

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You must have used BUZZ Feature of Yahoo Messenger during chat with your friends. It is usually used to get attention of the chat contact. When BUZZ Button is clicked, it generates a loud sound that attracts the attention of a person at once. Some people make BUZZ again and again that makes the chatter […]

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Yahoo Messenger shortcuts will enable you to more enjoyable chat with your friends with more convenience. It will surely enhance your skills over Yahoo chat. Learn the keyboard shortcut to increase your speed and skill in Yahoo Messenger by operating it right from keyboard for most of the actions. Windows Key + Y – To […]

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